Get Up & Live



released November 18, 2012
From visible7 Album
Distributor / MGM
Supported By Multicultural arts victoria
Photo By :© DWV Photography
Ras Jahknow (Vocals), Matt Graham (Drums), Ranji
Wickremasinghe (Bass), Sam Owen (Guitars), Gerald
Frederic (Keyboards), Sam Kanongataa (Keyboards),Jeremy Diffey(saxophone)
Josh Owen (Additional Guitars), Jason Heerah
(Percussion, Additional Vocals).
Written and composed by Ras Jahknow & Jason
Heerah. Produced, recorded and mixed by Jason
‘Jammin Jay’ Heerah at Heerah St. Studios.
Special thanks to Jarrod Kirby
  • Release Date : November 18, 2012

  • Producer : Jason ‘Jammin Jay’ Heerah

  • Label : Heerah St. Studios

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